Silent World

Silent World

If a child makes a scream in land far far away,

And no one is around to hear it,

Does she still make a sound?

Bombs blast

Tears shed

The world turns silent

The Lion sleeps tonight

In his concrete jungle

They tied her to a chair

Sweat dripping down her brow

As she was *blind folded*

Her eye of insight closed

No longer able to tell friend, from foe.

Her breath growing heavier

Her screams getting quieter

Her mind growing wearier


And over

They abused her

Raped her

Until finally, the scales fell

Crashing to the ground

Her name was Justice

Fear confines us.

Our mouths wide open

But full of silence

Afraid to venture outside our golden cage,

Happy to be a brick a broken wall

Shackled by the comforting lies – Too comfortable

Too comfortable

To risk feeling the heat of an inconvenient Truth

But take a second, think about it,

Why do they suppress us? Why would they oppress us?

Turn away our attention

Distract us with hollow toys, push us back into the fray

Give us pride for our slavery

Destruction for our minds

Two ears

One mouth

For a reason.

Pay attention – Listen Silent World, twice as much as you should speak.

Two eyes

One mouth

For a reason.

Pay attention – Observe, Silent World, twice as much as you should speak.

Silent World

Plastered faces

Glamorous pearl white laughter

Your eyes see

But your silence kills

Peep like Tom

Then speak like a mute,

Your voices are loud

but nowhere to be heard

The cage without bars

The minds without wings.

Your silence kills…

Silent World.

But instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle instead…

Even if the darkness is creeping in all around you

One small candle is all it takes

You can go into a dark room and light a candle

And instantly the darkness flees

But you can’t do the opposite…

The most powerful weapon,

In a silent world…

Is a Voice.


One response to “Silent World

  1. Wow Kesh! Some pretty fearless lines there, powerful stuff. Think this would be amazing read out too.

    “Two ears, One mouth, For a reason” my fav part, love the repetition 🙂

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