Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I brought us here today, to celebrate the cultures that unite us. So forget what divides us.

We’re faced with the same struggle, same stress,

Make the same blunders, and stuck in the same ugly mess

Instead of breaking free of the boxes they try and fit us in,

Why do we keep strengthening the barriers they want to split us with?

Forget a piece of mine, what we need is peace of mind

Real change, don’t you see? – It won’t come from the top

So we need to build it, from the ground up.

So lock your hands, come together, One World, One Race

And since we’re trapped in this dark place, what’s the best thing to embrace? Is it our own race?

We’re all Tin Men at heart, lost puppies just looking for love

But tonight, is just the beginning of a new start

On the journey to find our way home

We’re all playing our part, but no red ruby slippers to guide us

So what is the message for today?

We all chase and search for this missing ‘piece’

Because there’s a cowardly young lion inside all of us:

Afraid to stand out, Too blind to find

All those colours that are sealed within

There’s no need for a Wizard of Oz

Because, you’re not alone and you are so unique

“You were placed on this earth to create not to compete”

Just locate the answer that lies inside

In a zone yet unknown

We are the change that we seek

One World, One Race

“Snowflakes are one of natures most fragile things, but just look at what they can do, when they stick together”


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