I’m sure that minds greater than my own have made attempts to place their own intelligent and perceptive meanings on the matters of this universe. But we are the creators of our meaning. How else can we all share the same experience yet come out with different and even opposing views of what is the same thing? This fact is embedded into the very foundations of the universe.  Emerson was right when he said “What lies before you and behind you are small matters compared to what lies within”. Or as Will Smith calls its – the power of making a choice. The redemptive power of making a choice – all you have to do is decide.

As human beings we are constantly changing, our cells and tissues grow and decay in endless cycles – biologically, we are literally newbeings every 7 weeks. Our minds and beliefs are constantly being subjected to the different experiences and challenges that we face on a day to day basis. These experiences shape and change us. Sometimes in a negative way, reinforcing those beliefs that limit us and insecurities that imprison us; or sometimes in a positive way, reaffirming the beliefs and values we are already hold; or helping us to identify and discard the parts of ourselves which are decaying and are weighing us down, holding us back from who we want to be.

We are constantly evolving and changing as we hurtle through the brief existence we have. As we grow and change, we mature, and our minds develop with the flourish of new ideas, new ways of thinking, new perspectives. These ideas and ways of thinking help us to better understand the world, to better understand that which we thought we already understood. And as this growth occurs, in light of this new information, these new ideas, anything which we no longer need, all those thoughts, beliefs, all those things we thought about who we are, what are capable of; are discarded. Think of it like a software upgrade. As we grow and develop, we are creating a new ‘operating system’ – or at the very least, constantly modifying and upgrading where possible, in the hope of becoming the best we can be. After all, who doesn’t want to better themselves in some form or other? Whether its a better hairstyle or physique, we all desire and seek out the improvement(s) which will lead us to the things we want the most. Change is natural, an inevitable part of life. Everything is constantly growing, changing and decaying around us – just as the seasons around us change – we are constantly changing. And anything which isn’t growing and changing, is dead – is dying.

So how much have you changed recently?

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin


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