My first book: Between the White Lines

Back in November, I took part in my very first writing competition – Nanowrimo. The challenge? To write 50,000 words of fiction in just one month .

And today, I am proud to present the finished product – ‘Between the White Lines’. So here is a little bit about the book…

Between the White Lines follows the journey of a boy growing up in a world that is becoming increasingly violent and uncertain, and about how he is really struggling – whether he knows it or not – to come to terms and really understand these things. It’s essentially a story about growing up, and about how we change as we grow up – from both the understanding and knowledge we gain as we grow, but also, the things we forget and the things we lose: those specks of childhood innocence we lose as we grow up. As a sixteen year old kid, he is on the cusp of adulthood and really beginning to enter the ‘real world’ outside the white lines of the playground, and the story follows how he adapts to these changing environment. The title – ‘Between the White Lines’ refers to how, as children, we initially look at the world through the same perspex we look at a playground – we expect the world to be a certain way because that’s the view that has been true for us for so long; but how, in this ‘real world playground’ things aren’t as clear cut as they first seem. When you fall, you don’t just graze your knee, or your actions and desires aren’t just about you, other people are affected by them too.


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