Spoken Word – Fundraising for Botswana

This is a poem I wrote about some fundraising I am doing at the moment – I’m going to Botswana for 3 months to volunteer helping young people who have HIV/AIDS. Apologies it’s not perfect – had only a few hours to record it, but its the message that’s important. Please donate and help me reach my fundraising target! http://www.justgiving.com/keshavbx

I’m going to Botswana to help young kids with HIVand AIDs

Where this epidemics running wild, with the strength of a stampede

See, this journeys not just about me, but lending my ability

My thoughts my energy, for those that are in need

From every time that they suffer, to every time that they bleed

We all hear about the problems affecting the third world

But take a look at the facts and watch how the problems unfold.

25% are infected, even more are affected

Not just their immune system depleted

But their hopes, dreams dejected

Add to that, the stigma to which they’re subjected

The community from which they’re rejected,

Disconnected and detested, now their hopes lie in wreckage.

Could have been prevented, if they just had the chance to get tested

Their GDP is higher than India China and Brazil per individual

But their life expectancy is 55, so it’s not their wealth, but their health which is the issue

Enter us volunteers, enthusiasm and passion we breathe

can’t save their world but still, a lot we can achieve

Providing sustainable solutions and sharing skills we can teach

Till the page turns and they ooze from inside with belief.

We’re going to keep banging away till we make a break through

Until we destroy the goals set by the UN in 2002

Using theatre and health talks to educate their view

It’s about knowledge and support, so they can kick start their own ambitions

Otherwise they’ll be ravaged apart

By the devastation of this condition

So if you believe in our vision, and the ideals of our mission

Repeat after me. The time for change is always now.

We have awakened. The youth have arisen.


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