Dusty cobwebs

I got rejected for another job today. I’ve been applying and applying, but to no luck so far. The only difference was this time, I REALLY WANTED this job. It was PERFECTLY everything I was looking for, but I didn’t even make it to the interview stage. I’ve been applying anywhere I can – cleaner, delivery man, mentor, carer, babysitter, teaching assistant. And this has just pushed me over the edge I’ve been teetering on for some time. I’ve had enough. I’m fed up of waiting around for an opportunity. All I got after hours of badgering, pestering, making calls, tweets, and putting myself out there trying to get my nose ahead was a “You’ve got determination – I’ll give you that”. Even as I opened up my inbox and scanned the opening lines, I knew what was coming – by this point in my life I’ve gotten used to hearing this tone. It was the same tone I got when I was rejected by all 5 of my UCAS choices, despite 4 A’s and 5 predicted in the coming months. Crazy.

So what now? Well. Time to take my efforts up and up my game. I’m going to take this to a whole other level now. Until I become impossible to ignore.

I’ve been planning a few little projects of my own, things that I want to start for a while now. So I figure, it’s time to stop planning and just get going. Here’s the first one.

I’m going to start is a forum for Hindu youth in the UK. To keep it short and sweet, there are a lot of dusty cobwebs, misconceptions, rituals and misguided beliefs out there. We need to wake up and become more active, otherwise our heritage, our philosophy is going to go down the drain. We need to challenge our own ideologies, discard what is not useful and take forward what is.

Starting on 4th November, in Birmingham, I am organising weekly meetups for those people who want to learn more, those who want to share ideas and discuss. This will be done through talks, examination of different concepts and ideas, and very pointed and honest breakdowns at all the BS that is parading in the name of Hinduism at the moment. I have found that currently, there is no place for open and honest – very frank discussion. For a lot of reasons I won’t go into. We’ll have speakers come and do talks, debates, games, socialising, and basically explore things and learn together.

So if like me, you feel that cracking a coconut, tinkling a bell and merely chanting a 100 verbalisations isn’t going to change the world. Come along and join the discussion. If like me, you feel frustrated, confused, and plain puzzled at some things we do, come and join the discussion. Anyone who wants to help out, please get in touch. My first plan of action is to publicise and get people there.

 : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hindu-Forum-Birmingham/272251726225572


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