5 reasons why we NEED to stop LAD jokes & culture


1. Only sluts are worth keeping?


ShagAtUni site

Some of the comments on this picture. When one commenter says anything negative about a 'LAD' joke - it's because she is a 'wench' and therefore not as sociable and fun as us LADS.

Some of the comments on this picture. When one commentator says anything negative about a ‘LAD’ joke – it’s because she is a ‘wench’ and therefore not as sociable and fun as us LADS. All veiled under a pretence of banter & wit to make it okay.


2. It is not a small minority of us


Uni Lad FB page statistics

It’s not a small minority, and the popularity is clear to be seen here. The site ‘UniLad.com’ gets 35,000 unique visitors daily, mostly males 17-30 who spend on average 6 minutes browsing their content                                                                          (Source: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:YnYYP7eqfdEJ:www.unilad.com/advertise.html+&cd=17&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk)

UniLad FB page

The texts on the phone on the cover photo read: “You were great last night ;), hello?, followed by several more,none have been replied to. This is what true uni LADS do apparently.


3. You can be a nice LAD & still have game


We act tough, but is it just to protect our fragile little hearts? Because we don't believe that being GOOD, will be rewarded. Or at least, it's the idea that has been marketed and sold to us. Question the status quo. I dare you.

We act tough, but is it just to protect our fragile little hearts? Because we don’t believe that being GOOD, will be rewarded. Or at least, it’s the idea that has been marketed and sold to us. Question the status quo. I dare you. Who says being a nice guy means you can’t have a beautiful companion? Who says you can’t have game & be a nice person? Look at Bruce Lee

“how confusing it must be to be an 18-year-old boy, frantically trying to stay

afloat in a lido of banter, where everything’s a laugh and what you say

is hardly ever what you think,

reasserting your sexuality every 10 minutes

as if refreshing a screen.”


4.  You can’t hide from it. We’re all a part of it


It all comes out when you’re safely tucked away in your room, guarded by the anonymity of a laptop screen.

I dare these guys to say this in person in front of women. We’ll see how much of a LAD you are then.

Posts include: ‘why chubby girls need loving too’, ‘how to get a regular booty call’ & ‘a medley of minge’.


5. Don’t condone it with your silence


If you see this behaviour, weed it out. Call people out on their words and actions. Guys and girls. Explain why this is NOT just a joke.

We can complain when the media portrays us as negative, but what can we expect if this is the image of ourselves that WE – as youth – celebrate and put out there?

And if not, if you’re going to be silent on this. Then don’t complain when it’s your daughter or your friend, or your photo on this site.

Carry on, let it continue, and see where it leads you in 5 years time and if that life is really as happy and fulfilled as you THINK.




As a young person, this post is a direct attack on this BS.

COMMENT below if you agree. I don’t accept this & this definitely isn’t who we are.

Stand up & speak out.



18 responses to “5 reasons why we NEED to stop LAD jokes & culture

  1. Great article. Very true, it is disgusting how women are continually degraded in this day and age, where they have achieved so much and continue to accomplish great things. Equal respect should not be a mere fantasy of a dreamworld, but a norm in todays society.

  2. Nicely put! And presented in a hard hitting way too; I hear you: I dare some of these “lads” to say that in person to a woman’s face. Pathetic excuses for young males to have to reassert themselves, their sexuality by downgrading others!

  3. I wrote my dissertation on the role of misogyny online and how it is rarely portrayed in the material world. It’s a socially fascinating to see the phenomena of a virtual space, such as TrueLad, creating almost split-persona’s in young males. Where does it end?

    • That sounds very interesting James, would you be able to share it? I’d like to read it and learn more. Thank you for your comment and I think thats a question we all need to ask within ourselves

      • It’s in the relative anonymity of the user that applications such as TrueLad and UniLad rely on. The virtual space is all about barriers and boundaries and it is true that one’s activities on lad sites becomes shielded from the eyes of your Facebook profile. It is in the psychology of anonymity and group movement that Lad culture finds a voice.

      • I would be able to send you the piece, it’s lengthy though and would need to be emailed?? Do you have an addy?

  4. My view on this is slightly opposing. I feel as a male, and a social person at University, the “lad banter” I experienced was to a very low degree outside of the internet. I feel to an extent that women who deem this form of humour offensive should simply abstain from such groups. It needs to be remembered that this banter is simply a form of fun between young males and non of it’s content should be taken seriously. However the Guardian above states that unilad.com was recently shut down for publishing content which encouraged rape. I for one feel this behaviour is unacceptable, and cannot be justified as banter.as it crossed the line. My overall view is that “lad jokes and culture” should be allowed to continue, as long as it is harmless to most people, but if it continuously becomes more serious (such as the piece published by unilad.com) then it should be banned.

    • The problem is Ronnie, is that its not just something that happens on social media. Becuase it being more and more acceptable by both male and females, people are now happy to make these comments in general conversation as well. I would comepletely disagree with you that theres a low degree outside of the internet. As a woman, i may not subsribe to UniLad, but I have male friends and friends of friends, who may have never met me, but think its okay to make degrading comments about women. Its not the UniLad site itself thats bad – there are some things on there that are funny, because it doesnt offend people, however when women and the whole sexuel image become involved, thats where everything changes. And from that stems this acceptablility amongst young guys about what is okay and not okay to say in front of a woman. it allows people who dont know me to call me a ‘whore’ in a drinking game – becuase its accepted.

      As women we dont take enough responsiblity for this. If we dont step out and say these things then how can tihngs change. Men have to take responsibility for this as well. As hard as it may be in your group of friends to not engage in it, once that happens, i BET that youll realise other people around you feel the same way.

    • Yeah – I think compared to my experience in Reading too/outside the net, it’s not as shall we say, exaggerated. I guess it’s been done so to commercialise the interests of students to create a market for whatever product they are selling (UniLad i think it was offers marketing to its database of students). I agree – and that’s why I feel we should just talk about it. Just because this post is too far, doesn’t mean they all are. But let’s discuss some sort of guidelines to abide by collectively. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Good article Keshav. Like your last poster I think that lad culture and the underlying misogyny it brings has always been around. My main position on this is to get people to actually think of the bigger picture of this. Of course not all banter leads to rape or sexual violence towards women but in many instances it does lend itself to objectifying young ladies.

    As an activist keen about reducing violence and misogyny against women it concerns me how widespread this kind of ‘banter’ is which by and large is quite disrespectful to women. Not only do so many young men have no problem with it, but equally there are many women who think this banter is harmless fun and will be part of the community that reinforces these negative stereotypes.

    • Thanks for commenting David, I knew you would have some great insights to share and you haven’t disappointed. I agree that it’s certainly a thread from a tapestry, and we need to think critically to pick at these threads when we see them. And that was my intention to prove that kind of inquiry when I wrote this.

      I guess that so many people defend and uphold is just a symptom of how deeply rooted these ideologies have permeated into our conscious as young people.

  6. This is precisely the kind of mind set that enables gang rape in India to leave girls mutilated and dead. Was that “just a lad thing?”

    • I think it relies on us to switch off and not think. Then when the time comes for us to act, what happens? we again switch off. That’s why any resistance to these things *has* to start from our minds and hearts. Thanks for your comment!

  7. I think the problem with these groups are the people who control the material published push the levels of what we would deem acceptable, its as though the more ludacris and crazy something is the more it will be “liked”… the problem isn’t just with this group. i see thousands of groups attacking muslims and other religions. To be honest the these pages are created to have a huge influx of people to read it, your more likely to react to something that will cause outrage. As for the culture of ladbible, I just feel this has been going on since you were young. i remember what used to go on at school, the attitudes of boys and girls develops into a society where sleeping around is acceptable, You think it was just acceptable 50 years back? Its almost become a norm for people to go out and sleep with a stranger, all this has an affect on how “lads” perceive women. And this is why the people who post things on lad bible have no respect for women because to them there an object hence how they post such stupid pictures.

    • Impact posts designed to create a reaction to stimulate an audience/market for them to utilise I guess. And you’re definitely right, even the wording of this post ‘5 reasons why we NEED to stop LAD jokes…’ was to grab attention in an increasingly competitve environment where we have so many stimulus’. I remember the attitudes we had at school too, and frankly I was guilty of this as much as anybody else.

      You’re right in that they don’t think about what their actions are causing, and therein lies the problem. It requires us NOT to think. Thanks for the comment!

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