R.I.P Keshav Bhatt

It’s important to bear in mind how finite our existence is.

We go about our daily lives, assuming that tomorrow is going to come. But the clock is ticking. Because we’re unaware of how much time we have left, we continue to waste our time on shit that does not matter. Whether it’s trying to fit in with a group of friends we don’t really like, or putting up with a job/career we don’t really give a fuck about… basically doing all this stuff we don’t really care about.

Now, think about this. Think about it.

We know that we are going to die at some point. We know there is a LIMITED amount of time we have. So knowing that, why WASTE it doing anything you don’t love doing? Why waste it by not telling people the things you really feel. Why waste any time at all doing anything you don’t want to?

If you think about it this way. Time is money. So lets say you got £30 in the bank. How much more value will that have? Anyone who has ever had to live from a budget – I know this because I’m going through it right now – will realise that if you only had say £30, you WILL MAKE SURE, that you only SPEND it on the stuff you need. So if you’re invited to go on a night out with friends, or you’re out and about travelling and you want to eat out – you might not. Why? Because you only have £30. And if I only have £30, I’m going to spend that ONLY on something I really WANT or NEED. I will sift out the crap I don’t need, and spend what I have on what I really want. Pretty simple.

Equate this to your LIFE.

You have X amount of TIME. So the value for every minute, every hour, every day you have – is what you choose to spend it on.

Keshav Bhatt. 34 years. R.I.P

I don’t know if thats what my gravestone will say but it doesn’t matter. It could be 67, it could 24, it could be ANYTHING.

But I’m making sure I only spend each of those on stuff I CARE ABOUT. Can you say the same? What value are you creating to your years? Don’t waste it on pointless shit.


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