Things You Didn’t Notice About the Katie Hopkins interview

Well we’ve been here before haven’t we. And quite frankly, I’m bored of this tiresome pattern.
Everybody and their dog is talking about the interview on This Morning, where Holly Willoughby and Katie Hopkins lock horns over the so called link between a child’s name and class.
As far-fetched as her comments are, the backlash on social media is equally interesting to think about. Why? Because it is all too familiar. While we’re all out shaking our fists and denouncing the stupidity and ignorance of our latest villain, what is really going on here?



                    Katie Hopkins is irrelevant


Katie Hopkins is a nobody. She was a nobody before this (even if she was on The Apprentice) and will be after this. She is not reflective of the general population and I don’t really buy into the idea that she is the rule. She isn’t, she is the exception to the rule. The general rule here being that, most of us don’t in our right minds believe that a name is an effective indicator into our class. She, like the rest of the villains paraded to us, is a minority.

Willoughby caused ‘controversy’ earlier this month for her dress being ‘too revealing’ on talent show The Voice. The Mail Online claimed ratings dropped when she failed to show her cleavage on the show.

Her argument is hollow and the main surprise for me is, why is anyone even shocked by this? They picked someone with outrageous and shocking views to get their show noticed, meaning more viewers, meaning more clicks per ad. Why is Holly Willoughby so outraged that a woman might believe such terrible things. Oh anything but the children! The poor poor children!


                            Shock & Awe


This interview was not a spontaneous accident. It was conscious. A group of people at ITV invited her to the studio, everybody got dressed up, they picked an angle for their questions and hey presto! The flame is lit.
What I am saying is that what we are looking at in this video is a stage. As with most TV, film, radio & media. A stage is set, certain props are picked and certain actors. This interview was designed to shock and awe you, like many others. Just like the pictures of the Woolwich murder plastered over the front pages, just like KONY 2012, just like the woman on the tram last year. I could go on. In an age of  abundant information, the power lies in what you get to see and focus on selectively.

The more important question is, why is so much attention and focus being fuelled towards this example of ignorance, rather than any others? By us as much as the media, I should add.
For example, the ‘war on drugs’? Or the pointless nature of the Khat ban? or on Operation Cyclone? Or on the structures that create a world where most humans never make a phone call and live on less than £1.33 per day. For things to be deemed newsworthy, they need to attract headlines that are shocking and dramatic in order to attract sales increasingly competing to attract our attention.


                  Ignore the distraction


Yes, this is shocking and annoying and stupid and ignorant. Well done for noticing that. But please, be honest with yourself. We can all stand up and get our knickers in a twist about this. We can all post the video on our Facebook and our Twitter page and say “Oh what a twat. Haha”.
And maybe afterwards we will feel all morally righteous about ourselves, that we have done some good in the world by letting everyone know we don’t agree. That’s great, really it is. What’s much harder, is to take an honest look at what role we are playing. What are we doing every day with our energy and activities to solve any one of the many problems in the world.

This post isn’t meant to be a downhearted one. Just an honest one. The world is not a bad place. Nor is it a good place. It’s bits of both, in different amounts at different times – all varied according to what you decide to sit and focus on. So yes, you can choose to focus on this video, and many probably will.
Or you can get on with your day, go out in the sunshine and smile at someone passing by in the street. Or help an old lady cross the road. Basically, anything more productive or constructive than buying into your latest 2 minutes of hate.
If you’re going to attack anything, attack the root cause, not the symptoms.

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