Why You Should Not Be Celebrating The Royal Baby’s Birth

News has been spreading far and wide of the birth of a royal baby boy – and due to a recent change in law – future King. And to no surprise, my newsfeeds on social media are littered with people cheering on this so called historic event.
This baby was literally above the law before it was even born. But there are some important things to think about before we get carried away in the latest bit of hype.


                  Why is it even important?


Highest levels of youth unemployment in 17 years. Tuition fees which have been tripled. Corporations that skip paying millions of pounds in taxes. An increasingly changing world recovering from a crippling financial crisis. Public sector cuts. Increased surveillance in the UK.
And today, we want to celebrate the birth of another child born into privilege? While most of the worlds population lives on less than £1.30 per day?


                              Worthy celebration?


It says something about our standards, what we are willing to really fight for if this is what it takes for us to wave our flags in joy. Why is our ‘elected’ PM David Cameron hailing this birth as an “important moment for our nation?”
That really makes me laugh. Why is he important? He hasn’t even done anything yet! Is he going to get rid of our deficit will his bottom is being wiped with taxpayers hard earned money?

Duchess of Cambridge

I’ll celebrate when David Cameron makes education more accessible to people from all backgrounds, like it was for him. I’ll celebrate when the stolen wealth of the British Empire is returned to it’s rightful owners. I’ll celebrate when they renounce their wealth and (God forbid) join us mere mortals in living like the rest of us.
I just do not buy into the idea that a small group of people should have automatic wealth, power & privilege without having done anything. That all of these things should just be ‘passed down’ because they are our role models and we should champion them. The whole idea reeks of subservience.


         This baby is not better than you!


This idea of “I am better than you” is the root of many problems. Who ELECTED this baby? Who chose this baby to be the future *King* of this country?
Should the power and privilege lie with the people, the citizens, or with a small group of people completely removed from the lives and struggles we live?

I wonder who paid for this snazzy website?

the UK still to this very day continues to offer slavish financial, political, and cultural support to a tiny family elite notable for nothing except the lineage of the particular person’s vagina from which they slunk… It represents the taking of precious public resources for the most undemocratic, elitist, and unproductive use.  


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