10 Reasons Why 2013 was game changing

It’s that time again! My ritual for New Years is to go back and reflect and celebrate what happened over the past 12 months.

2012 was a really great year and 2013 really built on those successes. So here’s my personal review of some of the best bits of 2013. What were yours?

Check back again tomorrow for Part 2, where I’m going to share what the low points/challenges were of 2013.


1. Cultural Show rolls onwards!


Great to see the show we started way back in 2011 still going strong at Reading University. Hopefully it will be back again in 2014!


2. Hello, YouTube


I decided to start making videos on YouTube in January, and the channel has now grown to a staggering 700+ subscribers & over 125,000 total views!!


3. Professional Coaching


At the end of 2012, my parents paid for me to complete 5 diplomas in professional coaching. It was super expensive and something I was conscious of – the amount they had invested in me. But in my first year I had some great successes with my clients (below) and it has been an extremely rewarding profession to go into. As a Coach, for those who don’t know, I work with various people in helping them create effective strategies for success & better performance (according to what their needs & wants are).

To my surprise, I’ve been able to start earning from this in my first year of doing it as a career so I can’t wait to build on this next year and pay back what was put into me!

name logo



4. Visiting Lecturer at Birmingham City University


From a train journey home at 2am in the snow, to securing my first paid contract with a university. Incredible.

BCU success march 2013



5. Campaign Bootcamp


One of the best training experiences ever. I spent a week at Campaign Bootcamp, meeting and learning from some incredible people about how to become a better campaigner



6. Interviewing Elliot Hulse & Eric Thomas


This year I got to meet and interview two of my mentors & inspirations – Elliot Hulse & Eric Thomas. Google them if you haven’t heard of them.

ET Tweets Revolution Hive video


7. Great Men & Envision Grad trustee


I’m now proudly an ambassador for the Great Men project which delivers workshops on gender equality to young boys in secondary school, delivered by young men. And also now a Trustee of a national charity called Envision which runs social action programmes in schools. I was once one of their participants so it’s been great to go from one end right to the other!

greatmen fb stats

envision grad trustee keshav bhatt


8. Diary of an Entrepreneur


I was asked to record my journey as a start up entrepreneur for an organisation called Youth Employment UK and it’s been fun to document it each week! It doesn’t have many views but is great for my own personal reflections.


9. Slovakia & Poland


In the last quarter, I was selected to visit Slovakia & Poland for a study visit bringing together many different youth organisations and people to share best practice, ideas & projects. I had an incredible time, mainly through meeting some really engaged and passionate people. (miss you all!)





Best for last. I finally got to run the first Revolution Hive bootcamp two weeks ago. I had been waiting to actually *do* it since January, however, due to lots of different reasons it took a while. Anyway, now this first test run is over, time to keep building in 2014.


Just making this list makes me realise how much I actually did this year. It’s a bit surprising when you visualise it and write it down. What were your best bits from 2013? I can’t wait to keep pushing and moving further forward next year. 2014 is going to be some madness!

Check back tomorrow for PART TWO – The CHALLENGES I conquered in 2013

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