2014: My Review

Each year, I post an annual review of my year. Usually this forms a celebration of just the highlights. But I’ve noticed this creates a false perception that things are always hunky dory.

“If you don’t know where you want to be in 5 years, guess what? You’re already there”.

So this year, I’m going to think about 3 questions:

What went well this year?

1. Travel – Spain & a TV Show in Sudan


I had no plans to travel this year, but was fortunate to be able to go and visit 2 countries this year – Sudan & Spain. In Sudan I was part of a TV show called Mashrouy, which involved me being part of a team of UK entrepreneurs coaching & training young people there to start their own business. In Spain, I spent a week learning more about social entrepreneurship and how it’s being implemented in cool ways around Europe.

2. Speaking at TEDx & YouTube vids


This year I hit a major goal – doing a TEDx talk on the topic of “Be a Better Student. Go BEYOND the curriculum”. I’d dreamed of doing this for YEARS so to do it, helped me shift my thinking on how “ready” I already was for this sort of opportunity. I spoke about how education conditions you to think in one way, and to meet the challenges of social and personal issues we need to do things ourselves and there are lots of ways to do this.

I also continued my regular videos on YouTube – and currently my channel has ~ 1.5k subcribers & 235,000 views

3. Making Money

For the first time, I managed to reach £10k of revenue in my business, Revolution Hive. At the beginning of the year my mentor set me the target of £15k and reaching this was HUGE. My beliefs about money, business, sales have changed in a very big way and I never thought this was possible at the beginning of the year.

4. Training & Personal Development

I am now a certified NLP practitioner (one of the youngest in the world too!) & in December I spent 10 days in noble silence meditating – a course I created and did myself, to great benefit. In addition, I’ve now put on 15KG over the last 2 years of muscle, and kept fairly lean, giving me a solid foundation of strength to now build upon. Most of all, I’ve created a habit & lifestyle of going to the gym and living healthily (and since added walks, football and swimming to this).

What didn’t go so well this year?

1. Salary 

Most of the money I made in my business was in the last quarter, and this year I paid myself just under £3k. This is not something I want to repeat again next year, and whilst it is an increase from the previous year, I’ve realised a lot about where I am focusing my energy and work. I’ve certainly moved from what I like to call a “volunteer/employee” mindset to that of a business owner.

2. Funding/Projects not working

I had started Revolution Hive with the intent to create a CIC model social enterprise, however we are yet to receive any funding from grants or social investment type funders. This is not because it doesn’t work or have potential, but more a lack of clear emphasis on securing these types of funds and also, something I’ve realised about the way I want to run my business. And that is for it to be 100% self funded for the near future at least.

My idea to create 12 week diploma/bootcamps that taught people about life skills didn’t work out so well. Again I’ve decided to focus this elsewhere – namely in creating videos on these real life topics instead. Commercially it just isn’t viable right now, something to park/revisit for later.

3. “Closing”

I’ve paid £12k to study 5 diplomas in coaching, of which I’ve formally completed 1 and unofficially completed 3. I still need to complete the paperwork for those to become official, and 2 more to complete. This is something which has lingered on my to-do list for a while. Often a problem we have in one area can be seen in others, and in my fitness, I haven’t tracked my progress aesthetically by taking progress pics so it seems like I look the same to me & this can sometimes feel demotivating and I’m yet to actually work on my core strength and abdominal muscles – no six pack yet! And maybe it’s shallow, but I want to prove to myself I can do it.

4. Social stuff

I got lost in my goals and forgot about having fun and maintaining important relationships with some friends. I’ve met so many incredible people but not done so well in maintaining and building on those relationships, as well as just having fun from time to time and not being so focused on being a “success”. At one point I was doing too many things at once, and focusing on the less effective actions (volunteering) that wouldn’t really help me reach my goals (like earning more).

What am I working toward?

1. Simplicity 

I’ve already taken steps to reduce the things I am committed to and simplify my life a lot more to the key things which are high impact and what I really want to do. One of those goals is to complete my paperwork side for my Personal Performance & Youth coaching diplomas by March. The other is to focus my actions towards sales & marketing on one core service – coaching.

2. Consistency & focus 

This year I will be releasing videos on Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday without fail every week on YouTube. I already have 9 months of content planned out. I am increasing focus on selling, not volunteering/giving away things because it’s altruistic so that I can earn & support my family even more.

3. Fun & love

Having more fun, enjoying the journey & spending time making amazing memories with people close to me. Having non-negotiable time for me so I can do the things that keep me nourished and alive.

Thanks as always for reading. Happy new year to you all. Much love x

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